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Art by Sask
I draw, write & make gifs.

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    Hi, I’m Sask. I’m German, and I can say Squirrel. 

    I do illustration, community management, concepts & giffing in Berlin, but I am in the middle of the visa process to move to NYC. Delightful stories & ideas are my thing. I’m great at creating fun stuff for my clients. My goals are infusing emotion and personality into design. Currently, I am working with betaworks and the Dots app team

    On this tumblr blog I publish everything that moves me forward including my own art & work in progress. Everything is important and influencing my work. That could be a selfie or a pattern I saw in the sky. I’m also a tag editor for “artists on tumblr" and "illustration

    If you want to start drawing, read my medium articles or the reblogabble version on tumblr: How to lose the fear of drawing & What to put in a sketchbook – for beginners

    projects, buy, wishes, hire, portfolio, proposal etc.  —> Contact